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16% discount!

Shop BioTechUSA's Arthro Guard drink powder (in optional flavours) with collagen, glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM, vitamin C, plant extracts, sweetener, for only 7490 HUF between 09.06-09.12.2021!

2021. szeptember 06.

The offer is valid in the BioTechUSA store in the ARENA MALL.

More offers

More offers

Birthday discount in the MEDIA MARKT!

Choose form our unmissable discounts!

10% discount on all products!

The offer is deducted upon payment and it does not apply to already discounted products. The offer is valid from September 20th to October 3rd.

Creative fair with up to 30% discount!

Scientific and creative toys can be shopped with up to 30% discount until September 26th! Surprise your children with toys that will help them learn while playing!

Support your immune system during fall too!

Shop BioTechUSA's Liquid Turmeric dietary supplement with turmeric extract and D vitamin for only 3 590 HUF between 20-26.09.2021!

Tuesday baskets are back at KFC!

10 pieces of chicken for only 1 590 HUF!

25% discount!

Shop BioTechUSA's Iso Whey Zero Clear flavoured protein powder drink with 90% of protein( in optional flavours), added creatine, amino acids and zinc chelate, for only 17 970 HUF between 09.13-09.19.2021!

17% discount!

Shop BioTechUSA's gluten-free Vegan Protein Bar with no added sugar, sweeteners, for only 490 HUF between 25.10-31.10.2021.

Wrapper from the KFC!


The offer is only valid until October 25th or until stocks last.

15% discount for parfumes!

The discount is deducted upon payment. The offer does not apply to already discounted products. The promotion is valid until October 31st.

18% discount!

Shop BioTechUSA's Creator food supplement tablets with 4 different types of creatines, vitamins and amino acids, for only3 990 HUF between 18.10-24.10.2021

Birthday discount in the MEDIA MARKT!

Choose from our huge discounted offer!

Toy of the month: LEGO DUPLO and LEGO Classic!

Surprise our children today!

Special discounts on gift sets!

The offer lasts until October 17th.

20% discount!

Shop BioTechUSA's Arthro Guard Food supplement tablets with glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM, minerals and herb extracts, for only 5 190 HUF between 11.10-17.10.2021!

50% OFF 6-10 OCTOBER

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