Showcasing the world's best cosmetics and fragrances!

2019. szeptember 30.

Renewal, beauty and style. Visit our Arena Mall BEAUTYFEST and meet beauty professionals, get beauty tricks, and learn from the real pros!

Workshops, product presentations and pampering programs at our themed weekends!

More details coming soon!

12-13 / October 2019 Body and skincare

19-20 / October 2019 Make up, face and nailcare

26-27 / October 2019 Fragrances, soul and biocosmetics

Érdekelhetnek még

Érdekelhetnek még

The first Intimissimi Uomo in Hungary has just opened!

You'll find the shop of men's lingerie downstairs, close to Calzedonia!

Tommy Hilfiger and HUGO Hugo Boss stores are now open!

Find them on the first floor!

Arena Coupon Days are back!

Shop with amazing discounts on 9-10-11th September!

We have become Arena Mall

We believe that changes are opportunities.

Holiday opening hours

The mall and the stores are closed on the 20th of August

We have great news!

Desigual is now open!

Wonderful panorama, excellent beers, fresh barbecue dishes

Arena Primator Beer Terrace has opened!

Reborn of the sweater

See me two times, love me two times!

Reborn of the scarf

Cool chic

Urban jungle

Je ne sais quoi?

Back to school!

Romance of the emerald

Let the festival begin!

Összes hír


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