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Legal Declaration

General information (hereinafter: website) is operated by Symmetry Arena Ingatlankezelő Kft. (hereinafter: Provider

By commencing the use of the website, due to implied conduct all users accept usage and privacy terms and conditions determined herein and the Legal Declaration.

1. Copyrights

The website and its technical, graphical, software and other solutions, text, images, data, information and other materials and their arrangement are protected by copyright, the Provider is exclusively entitled to their use and to grant permission to each of their utilization.

Concerning the links available on the website the editor of the respective page shall be the holder of the copyright.

Unauthorized use, reproduction, transfer, distribution, adaptation or storing of any part of the website’s content is prohibited, such actions require the Provider’s written permission in advance. However the Provider agrees that the content of the website or its excerpt is stored or printed by You for your personal use as free usage.

2. Trademarks

All trademarks on the Provider’s website related to Arena Plaza Shopping Mall (brand name, logo, etc) are owned by the Provider. Trademarks of the Provider’s partners/tenants appearing on the website are displayed with permission.
Trademarks may be used exclusively by the trademark owner.

3. Content of the website

The content of the Provider’s website shall be interpreted as drawn up originally, without any modification. Alterations without the intention and involvement of the Provider may occur, therefore – if not otherwise regulated by law – the Provider shall not undertake any responsibility for the accuracy, reliability, or timeliness of the appearing content of the website, or for the available information, documentation and other written materials.

The information on this website were released in good faith but they are only for guidance purposes. For purposes other than guidance, these information shall not be based on, and the Provider shall not undertake responsibility for their accuracy and completeness.

The Provider reserves the right to amend or revise the websites, or to limit or end their availability. The Provider does not guarantee that the access to websites will be uninterrupted or free of errors. The Provider shall expressly exclude its liability for damages and/or loss arising from access to the website and the available information, documentation, or other written materials, their direct or indirect use, furthermore damages and/or loss arising from the website’s unsuitable condition or improper operation, defects, shortcomings, breakdown, or misinterpretation.

The Provider does not guarantee the undisturbed and trouble-free operation of the website. The Provider shall not be liable for any damages, loss and costs in connection with the website, arising from its use or unavailability, improper operation, malfunction, computer virus, line or system error, or other similar causes.

4. Related webpages

The Provider’s website may include linking points (hyperlinks) which provide automatic access to other webpages. These linked webpages may be owned or operated by third parties.

The Provider’s website offers an access path to the related webpages but the Provider shall not undertake any obligation or liability for such webpages or information published on them even if such information was reviewed or approved by an employee or agent of the Provider.

5. Privacy – Personal Data Collection and Use

During the handling of any personal data the Provider shall comply with the regulations of the Act LXIII of 1992 on the protection of personal data and publicity of data of general interest.

The Provider shall only record personal data provided by the users voluntarily. Personal data shall be stored in the Provider’s database.

Personal data voluntarily provided by the users may be used by the Provider in the following ways, if not otherwise stipulated by the user and apart from other uses and purposes specified on the website:
– information on Arena Plaza promotions and events by mail, electronic mail or telephone,
– information on promotions of Arena Plaza shops, partners (to participate in promotions, send newsletters, recommend products/services)
– publishing the winners of prizes

6. Legal consequences:

In case of breach of the present Legal Declaration the Provider shall take immediate legal action, either civil, criminal or other aspects.

For issues not regulated In the present declaration, the provisions of the Act  CVIII of 2001 on certain questions of e-commerce services, and information society services apply.

7. Amendment of the Legal Declaration

The Provider reserves the right to unilaterally amend the present Legal Declaration, but shall notify the users through these pages of the website.