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By commencing the use of the website, due to implied conduct all users accept usage and privacy terms and conditions determined herein and the Legal Declaration.
The aim of all data and information published on the webite is providing guidance, their use shall be risk and responsibility of the Visitor.
Unauthorized use, reproduction, transfer, distribution, adaptation or storing of any part of the website’s content is prohibited, such actions require the Provider’s written permission in advance. However the Provider agrees that the content of the website or its excerpt is stored or printed by You for your personal use as free usage.

Use of the website
The Visitor entering the website is entitled to use the website’s content for private purposes only – i.e. for on-line access, downloading, storing and printing certain parts of the website. Usage for private purposes is free of charge but shall not aim at gaining or increasing income neither directly nor indirectly.
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The Provider makes effort to continuously update information published on the website but shall not be responsible for their completeness, pertinence, eventual alteration and accuracy.
To the website’s picture and video photos and videos of the Provider’s events will be uploaded. No permission or consent of the participants is required as the photos/videos are taken on a public occasion.

Use of the website’s functions

In case on the website internet games applications are installed their use shall comply with the rules of the respective game. However the User accepts that the Provider may refuse to handover the prize if the winning was presumably resulted by a fault of the website or malfunction of the games, independently from the cause of the fault.

Forum, Chat rooms:
If a forum is started on the website, the conditions of using the forum and deleting comments shall be published by the Provider as moderator.
The entries, sent or transmitted materials and information shall not be considered protected by intellectual property law.
The Provider shall not undertake any responsibility concerning the content of the forum entries, neither for copyright infringement, nor for defamation, infringement of private interest and privacy, pornography or other illegal acts arising under the relevant legal regulation.

Legal consequences:
In case of breach of the present Terms of Use the Provider shall take immediate legal action, either civil, criminal or other aspects.

Amendment of the Terms of Use
The Provider reserves the right to unilaterally amend the Terms of Use, but shall notify the users through these pages of the website.