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When design and functionality meets sustainability

The Jordan Green Clean toothbrush is entirely made from recycled plastic, while its Scandinavian design gives the bathroom a unique, minimalist touch. You can find it at Profimed.

Reimagine sport.

Sports is not about breaking the records, being the best or winning over others. Sports is about you.

Let's celebrate love, it's February already!

It's the perfect occasion to visit H&M, where an abundance of trendy clothes are awaiting you at unbelievable prices! Moreover, you will receive 20-30% discount on selected lingerie.

Look for discounts up to 50% at Douglas!

The offers and promotions are valid until 29 February 2020 or while stocks last.

This offer is not to be missed at BioTechUSA!

The BioTechUSA BCAA ZERO (360 g) amino acid with added B6 vitamin can be purchased for 4 490 HUF until 29.02.2020!

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Find your favourite store!

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Opening hours in December

In December all of our shops will be open from 10.00 to 21.00!

#opening_hours #december

Don't be plastic!

Arena Mall joined the international "Don't be plastic!" educational campaign, which is a social responsibility initiative aimed at drawing attention to the dangers of using plastic packaging in our daily lives.


Black Friday

29. November, Black Friday in Arena Mall! Save the date, and come back later, the brands and their offers are coming soon.

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