Are you about to start school or update your wardrobe in autumn? Then come to Arena Mall, where you'll find everything you need! Shop and upload your receipts to get your purchase back up to 100 000 HUF between 15 August and 15 September!

Follow the steps below if you want to win back the value of your purchase:

 - Shop at Arena Mall between 15 of August and 15 of September, because every day one lucky player will get back up to 100 000 HUF of their purchase!
 - The 100 000 HUF can be made up of a maximum of 5 blocks, which must be from the same day.
 - Register and upload your receipts to the website to prove your purchases by entering your unique IDs!
 - Please keep your receipts until the end of the campaign, as they are a condition for receiving the prize.
 - Keep an eye on your phone as winners will be notified the next working day!


Don't trust your luck and prefer guaranteed gifts? Then don't hesitate and download our SPOT app from the App Store or Google Play stores, where we'll reward your purchase with guaranteed gifts! Plus, between 15 August and 15 September, we'll be giving away 100 extra points for every new sign-up.

For questions about the campaign, you can contact us at!


15 Aug 2023 18:00 - 15 Sep 2023 19:45

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